Sun tan is unavoidable, even with multiple layers of sunscreen applied, especially if you are exposed to strong UV rays on a daily basis. Yes, there are a number of at-home treatments for sun tan, but let’s face it: nothing beats a superb sun tan treatment to provide the finest effects in the shortest amount of time. Fortunately for you, if you want to get rid of your persistent summer tan, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sun tan treatments.

What is tanning, and why does one need to take care of it?

Most of us experience the widespread and recurring phenomenon of tanning solution, especially in the summertime heat. It results from sun exposure-induced increases in skin pigmentation, or melanin. Indian skin tones are more prone to a darker tan because our cells create too much melanin. You don’t have to accept your fate and go with it, though. Treatments for sun tanners are an excellent approach to address pigmentation issues. In order to prevent additional skin damage, ageing, skin cancer, and other related skin issues, it’s critical to treat a sun tan.

  • The best ways to keep your natural skin tone after getting sunburned
  • If you’re seeking for a long-term solution to tanning, you might want to look into these treatments.
  • De-tan Pack: Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Laser Treatment
  • Pack de-tan

This is among the simplest and most popular ways to get a sun tan. You can use a leave-on de-tan pack on your face as well as your body. To maintain hydrated skin, the procedure entails washing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturising. Toning removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth. A leave-on de-tan pack contains nourishing oils and a variety of natural substances that work as antibacterials and lighten your skin tone. The wonderful thing is that you may even tailor this beauty regimen to your skin type and preferences.

Tiny-scale Dermabrasion

You don’t have to worry about tan lines covering your entire body or postponing vacation because you won’t be tanning before a big occasion. Many sun tan treatments are available now, thanks to technological advancements, to leave your skin radiant and bright. One of these is sun tan removal with dermabrasion, which easily removes tanning and helps remove the outermost layer of your skin. To get rid of dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin with this sun-tan therapy. In the process, it not only helps to lighten your skin tone but also enhances skin texture, minimises blemishes, keeps pores the same size, and stops blackheads. Although this treatment could break the bank, it’s a fantastic investment for sun tanning. If you have any specific skin concerns, it is best to speak with your dermat before choosing to undergo the treatment.

Chemical Peels

With this sun-tan therapy, your skin is treated with a chemical solution that removes tanned skin layers, allowing for extensive exfoliation and skin cell regeneration. These peels may be tailored to your tan level and are available in various concentration levels to assist treat darker pigmentations. To get rid of a sun tan, they remove the uppermost layers of skin that contain too much melanin. Chemical peels also aid in the reduction of blemishes, acne scars, and dark areas on the skin. It’s a fantastic method to maintain radiant, youthful skin, especially after travelling. Once more, it’s advisable to speak with your dermat, who can advise you on the most appropriate chemical peel for your skin type.

Laser Therapy

There are laser treatments available to help remove sun tan skin, just like there are for hair removal. A laser is used in this sun tan therapy to pierce your skin and remove the tanned layer. In order to preserve your normal skin tone, this allows your skin to show a new layer that contains your original pigmentation. Your dermat’s clinic can do a laser treatment; it might take several sessions to get the desired layer. You can be confident that the procedure won’t hurt you, however you might experience a slight tingling feeling as the laser does its magic.

Due to their intensity and need for multiple sessions for successful sun tan removal, all of the aforementioned treatments necessitate thorough consultations with a licenced skin specialist.

It’s crucial to remember that getting rid of a tan is a difficult procedure that requires persistence and effort. The outcomes will differ based on how consistent you are, whether you decide to use skin-lightening products, DIY solutions, or sun tanning treatments.

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