Unmanageable hair has swiftly gained popularity as a therapy for keratin. An increasing number of people are choosing to undergo a Keratin treatment to give their frizz-free, ultra-slim tresses. This way, they can wake up without having to spend hours fighting with their straightener.

The Keratin treatment, popularly referred to as a Brazilian blowout, was first introduced in the 00s and employs the natural protein keratin to leave your hair looking smoother, shinier, and frizz-free. The numerous advantages of this semi-permanent technique have made it more and more popular in recent years.

Before you schedule your first session for keratin treatment, make sure you are aware of the following information:

What is a therapy for keratin?

Our bodies naturally contain keratin, a protein that provides our skin, nails, and hair strength and structure. The keratin protein makes about 95% of the structure of human hair. A keratin treatment involves the hair stylist applying a substance infused with keratin to our hair and using a straightening iron to seal it in.

The keratin-infused product repairs in any structural gaps left by keratin depletion by penetrating your hair’s structure. In essence, it uses keratin to restore the structure of your hair and to assist your tresses become smoother and stronger.

How do services for Keratin treatment operate?

A hair specialist will first examine and assess the health and texture of your hair. After determining the requirements, your hair is properly cleaned and condition. The keratin smoothing treatment is applied after washing, and you just have to wait for the magic to happen.

Your hair is blow-dried and the product is sealed with a flat iron after 20 to 30 minutes.

What distinguishes hair bonding from keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a smoothing therapy that uses keratin protein-infused treatments to boost shine and lessen frizz. The way the treatment functions is by using the protein that is already present in hair to strengthen and fill in the spaces in your hair’s structure. The procedure wears off over time and does not change the structure of your hair.

In contrast, hair bonding employs chemicals to change your hair’s structure and restructure it into a straight, smooth appearance. You will be able to distinguish clearly between the bonded and non-bonded sections of your hair as it develops. Although hair bonding is a permanent therapy, as the hair grows out, it can require touch-ups at the roots.

Re-bonding makes your hair appear poker straight, but keratin treatment gives it a more natural-looking straightness.

What is the duration of the Keratin treatment?

The length and thickness of your hair will determine how long the keratin treatment procedure takes, but generally, the complete procedure takes at least 90 minutes.

What advantages may one expect from a Keratin treatment?

  • Enhanced luster
  • Decreased Fracture
  • Enhanced Handling
  • Durable silkiness

Numerous advantages come with a Keratin treatment, particularly if you have curly or unmanageable hair. The following are the main benefits of having a keratin treatment done:

Enhanced luster

Your hair becomes smoother and more glossy after the treatment since it infuses your hair with keratin protein.

Decreased Fracture

Your hair’s structure is strengthened by keratin, which reduces the likelihood of breakage and damage.

Enhanced Handling

The treatment helps lessen frizz and tangling in thick, frizzy hair, making routine hair management easier.

Durable smoothness

If you take the proper care of your newfound smoothness and silkiness, the treatment should persist for a long time.

Is keratin therapy long-lasting?

Treatment with keratin is not long-term. Nonetheless, the majority of patients experience up to six months of visible benefits from the keratin treatment.

Does Keratin therapy work well at home?

You certainly can. Professional hair services using ingredients requiring technical know-how include keratin treatments. At-home treatments for this therapy can be provided by skilled hair stylists at Urban Company.

Does getting a keratin treatment harm your hair?

All hair types can benefit from keratin treatment, which is generally safe for your hair. Any hair service done excessively, though, can harm your hair if the right aftercare isn’t taken care of.

Is getting a keratin treatment costly?

A certain amount of money may be needed for a keratin treatment, but the exact amount will depend on the length, quality, and quantity of product required for your hair. Consulting with a hair specialist is the most effective approach to find out. The cost of a Keratin Hair Spa treatment at Urban Company begins at ₹1,099

Is it possible to receive Keratin treatment if your hair is colored?

Yes, even if your hair is colored or pre-lightened, you can still receive a keratin treatment. It is recommended to postpone getting a keratin smoothening treatment for two weeks following a color service. Always get advice from your hairstylist before scheduling any services.

We can see why you might be tempted to acquire one right now given its many benefits and the guarantee of frizz-free, lustrous hair. But keep in mind that this is a professional procedure best left to a skilled hair stylist, therefore we would advise against attempting this yourself.

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